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How To Make Your Auto Detail Last Longer Like A Pro | Step By Step

It’s always a special feeling when you’re driving around in a vehicle that just received a well deserved detail. Do you agree? The key is to maintain the clean looking interior and exterior and extend that great feeling every time you step in and start driving.

The main question becomes, how do I maintain a clean vehicle after a detail?

Based on our experience after detailing hundreds of cars, it is simple if you follow the below steps.

First, let’s start with the importance of maintaining a clean vehicle inside and out. We all dream to keep our cars looking brand new for as long as possible. Unfortunately, this dream may not become reality if you don’t do the proper maintenance and keep the exterior and interior clean and protected.

So, how to do it and why a quick drive through wash is different from a detail?

We can all agree that protecting our investments is something wise, especially if we are talking about the second most expensive investment and in some cases the most expensive investment in our lives.

You’ve made the right decision to keep your car in great shape but all you need is the guidelines on how to do it, correct? We got you covered!

Here are the 5 steps you need for a long lasting detail:

1- Wash your vehicle’s exterior regularly

Many factors dictate how often it is necessary. How much you drive, weather conditions, parking in a garage or not. All these will be deciding factors.

As a rule of thumb, washing your vehicle weekly can help keep dirt and grime off your paint and bring back the shine. You don’t have to drive to the car wash every week or have a mobile car wash service, you can do it yourself at home using the right techniques to use the least water and avoid contaminants ending up in storm drains.

2- Wash your vehicle as soon as you can

If the exterior gets exposed to bird droppings, tree sap or tar, you’ll want to wash your car ASAP. Leaving these elements unattended can ruin your paint. A paint job is not something you want to deal with as it gets very expensive.

3- Use high quality products

When it comes to cleaning products, the market is overwhelmed with all kinds of products at different prices. Using the most expensive products is not always the right thing, but it’s definitely worth doing your research before buying products that are going to allow you to achieve great results safely. For example, high quality microfiber towels, high caliber cleaning products, and good quality brushes are all must haves. Use biodegradable products which are safer in general whenever possible.

4- Keep the interior clean & tidy

Making your detail last doesn’t stop at regularly cleaning your vehicle’s exterior. Cleaning the interior is very crucial and helps preserve your trade-in value.

Start with vacuuming the interior using a high suction vacuum to ensure all loose dirt and food crumbs are off your seats and floor. Remember to tackle all hidden areas where dirt and dust can accumulate. Commonly neglected areas are the cracks between seats and doors, under the seats, center console, cup holders, and glove box.

5- Address any liquid or food spilling right away!

Liquid or food spills can be very damaging and hard to clean if left unattended. Tackle any stains right away by using a clean cloth and fabric cleaning to clean as much as you can and if needed use warm water which helps in dissolving any stubborn spots. Lastly, get your affected areas shampooed by a professional to restore the integrity of your seats and carpet.

Take It Even Further

Now that we have provided you with all the steps to keep your car’s appearance in top notch shape, AquaGreen maintenance and detailing packages can help you take your auto detail even further at your doorstep. Our (AquaGreen Wash) friendly and highly rated technicians are always ready to help and looking forward to making the next vehicle look brand new again.

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