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About AquaGreen Wash Packages and What’s Included In Every Detail

AquaGreen offers various packages to meet all your outside and inside car detailing needs.

Starting with a simple outside wash up to exterior and interior detailing. Our Aqua Express package is great for car owners that want to keep their paint looking clean and prefer hand wash over machines. Hand wash is certainly the way to go to protect your paint from swirl marks going through abrasive brushes. Our Aqua Express pricing ranges from $39-$79 depending on vehicle size.

If your vehicle requires some attention on the inside due to some light dirt and dust, then the Emerald package is your best bet. The Emerald package includes exterior hand wash, vacuuming interior including trunk, wiping down all hard surfaces, cleaning door jambs, and streak free windows. Our Emerald pricing ranges from $59-$99.

If you are the type of person that enjoys seeing your car with an extra shine and some paint protection, you may need to consider the Sapphire package which includes everything the Emerald offers plus our hand buttery wax for a dealer glow and protection against the elements. Our Sapphire pricing ranges from $69-$109.

Let’s take it a notch up and get out that powerful extractor to restore the look and feel of your floor carpet and mats. Our Diamond package includes everything the Sapphire offers plus floor carpet and mat shampooing. We also offer fabric seat stain removal and shampooing for an additional cost. Our Diamond pricing ranges from $129-$209.

Lastly, if your vehicle is always garaged at home and work and your exterior is in a good shape, however the interior can use some detailing for a great driving experience, you would want to go for our Full Interior detail package. This package includes thorough vacuuming of the entire interior including trunk (and frunk for EV), wiping down and detailing all hard surfaces and air vents, floor mats and carpet shampooing, leather and and hard surfaces protectant, cleaning door jambs, and streak-free windows. Our Full Interior pricing ranges from $79-$119.

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