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Car Detailing Tips & How to Increase Your Trade-in or Resale Value

Is it that time again? Excited to upgrade to a newer car but at the same time you don’t want to give away your current one. Your car that you are driving now could be worth more than you think if you get it looking tidy and shiny!

We are here to help you get the best trade-in or resale value for your vehicle. Having a clean car is critical to getting the best possible price for your vehicle. So get your vacuum, some towels, and supplies – today, we’ll walk you through the process of getting your car detailed and ready for a successful negotiation.

The below tips will definitely get your car looking great again and give you an advantage when it comes to negotiations.

Detail the interior

If you’ve been neglecting your car’s interior, it’s time to tidy up. Start with picking up any large debris, water & soda bottles, receipts, coins, and snack wrappers. Once all cleared, give your seats and floor a thorough vacuuming and don’t forget to reach all cracks and crevices. If your floor mats are heavily soiled, maybe you need to consider shampooing them for a fresher look.

Vacuuming may not be enough for your car seats. If you have lighter color leather upholstery you need to remove any dirt marks using leather soap and a microfiber towel. As for cloth seats, it can be a more involved job and may require advanced tools to extract liquid spills or saucy food stains, such as a drill brush and an extractor.

Be careful not to use any abrasive brushes or harsh products as you could cause serious damage to your upholstery.

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Sitting in the driver’s or passenger’s seat, the first thing you notice is any dust or dirt on the dashboard. The good news is cleaning your dashboard is an easy process and could be done by using a dash cleaner  and a soft cloth. For stains that are beyond just wiping down, use a soft bristle brush.

Air vents

It’s very easy to spot dust in air vents and cleaning them can be a little tricky as they come in different designs and sizes. Simple tools like a skinny brush and a good shop vacuum can be sufficient to suck all dust and dirt, and if you have an air compressor it’s a plus. Since you are cleaning your vents, it’s a good time to inspect your cabin air filter as well.

Disinfect and refresh the interior

No one wants to be in a car with bad odors regardless of how shiny and clean it looks. It’s very important to treat such odors to secure the utmost trade-in or resale value.

Most smells are temporary and can be removed by replacing the air filter, thorough carpet and seat cleaning, and good ventilation.

However, stubborn smells may require extra steps like shampooing carpet, floor mats, seats, and headliner. This can be achieved by using fabric & upholstery cleaner, a brush, and dry/wet shop vacuum.

Wash and wax the exterior

Let’s keep it simple. There are several ways to wash your car’s exterior, you can either wash it at home using the two bucket method or have it washed at a car wash.

If you decide to take the DIY route, make sure you have car wash soap, high quality microfiber towels, and access to a water source. Being eco-friendly we will always recommend the waterless  option to conserve water and keep runoff contaminants away from our creeks and lakes.

Lastly, wax your paint to protect it against the elements and restore that dealership glow. You can choose from a variety of wax types, such as paste, liquid, or spray wax.

Paste is our first choice as it provides the most protection and shine. You can either apply the paste directly on the paint or on a high quality microfiber towel specially for buffing. Rub in the paste in a circular motion to ensure even coverage. Turn your towel to the clean side and buff any excess.

Apart from detailing your car, it’s worth inspecting your brakes, checking for any fluid leaks, and replacing the tires if needed.

Congrats, you just increased your car’s resale value.


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