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Leather Ceramic Coating: The Future of Your Car

We hear a lot about paint ceramic coating, but how about leather ceramic coating? Does it protect your vehicle’s interior?

You can use a ceramic coating on leather seats. Leather ceramic coating is a thorough method of protecting and preserving leather surfaces. It protects leather interiors from the effects of direct sun radiation that would otherwise cause aging.

How Ceramic Coatings Work

If you have ever used a nanoceramic coating on your car’s surface to protect the vehicle’s paint against UV rays, then you know how effective it is due to its hydrophobic properties which allow it to repel water and other contaminants and its longevity in protecting your surface. It follows, then, that you would benefit from using it on your vehicle’s leather seats.

Best Leather Ceramic Coating (

Benefits of Applying Ceramic Coating to Your Car’s leather:

Proper leather protection and preservation techniques are essential to all leather lovers. A leather ceramic coating ensures easy maintenance, keeping the leather products in pristine shape despite continuous use. So, should you do a ceramic coating on your leather car interior?

Lasting Protection

Compared with other traditional techniques like leather waxes, the ceramic leather coating lasts for at least 24 months if applied properly. This aspect makes it a great investment and maximum protection.

Protects Against Heat Exposure

Applying a ceramic coating to leather surfaces creates a protective layer guarding the leather surface against damage caused by exposure to extreme heat.

In particular, if your car is exposed to direct sun, the UV radiation could dry out and ruin your leather seats that are not ceramic coated.

How Ceramic Coatings Work (

Easy Maintenance

After applying the ceramic coating on leather, the anti-stick properties against dust and dirt make it easier to clean protected surfaces. Spilling a sugary drink over your leather seats normally spells disaster.

However, it becomes miles easier to wipe off after the ceramic coating has been applied. The protective layer prevents soaking, and the mess wipes off effortlessly.

Maintains Natural Quality And Feel

After a professional ceramic coating application, the leather surface gets a smooth, glossy appearance that’s rather appealing to the eye. This pristine state can be maintained over a long period without damage. Therefore, a ceramic coating helps maintain the original appearance of the leather surface.

Improves the Resale Value of Your Car

Even after continual use, the ceramic leather coating helps maintain the leather seats’ pristine quality, look, and feel.

Therefore, the coating helps preserve the resale value of your car in the future. That only means higher trade-in or resale price.

AquaGreen Wash offers Leather Ceramic Coating installation by professional and well trained technicians. We only use top quality products that offer optimum protection.

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