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Mobile Detailing FAQs (2022)

What is the difference between a car wash and car detailing?

Car wash is more like a maintenance wash for lightly dirty exterior and interior. Car detailing is the next level, this involves getting into every detail of your car’s exterior and interior.

What equipment do you need to detail a car L’ville Ga?

Access to water, wash soap, tire cleaner, a vacuum, and detailing brushes.

What is included in a full car detail?

Washing & waxing the exterior, wheel & tire cleaning, thorough interior vacuuming, fabric shampooing, and steam cleaning.

Where can you get your car carpet cleaned?

You can clean your car carpet at home using fabric cleaning solutions and basic brushes or you can have them cleaned by auto detailing professionals.

How much does it cost to detail the exterior of a car in L’ville Ga?

Cost for detailing the exterior can start at $40 and go up to $100 for a mobile service.

How much does it cost to shampoo car seats in L’ville Ga?

That depends on the seats condition so the cost will vary between $30-$90.

How much does it cost to deep clean a car in L’ville Ga?

On an average $75.

How long does a full car detail take?

2-6 hours.

How often should you get your car detailed?

At least one a month.

Do you shampoo car seats with detailing?

Yes, carpet shampooing is included in our Full Interior Detail package.

Is detailing your car worth it?

Absolutely, detailing car should be part of your routinely maintenance.

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