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Mobile Detailing FAQs (2023)

What is the difference between a car wash and car detailing?

Car wash is more like a maintenance wash for lightly dirty exterior and interior. Car detailing is the next level, this involves getting into every detail of your car’s exterior and interior.

What equipment do you need to detail a car Suwanee Ga?

Access to water, wash soap, tire cleaner, a vacuum, and detailing brushes.

What is included in a full car detail?

Washing & waxing the exterior, wheel & tire cleaning, thorough interior vacuuming, fabric shampooing, and steam cleaning.

What’s your service area?

We service all Gwinnett county cities as well as some of Fulton and Delkab.

Where can you get your car carpet cleaned?

You can clean your car carpet at home using fabric cleaning solutions and basic brushes or you can have them cleaned by auto detailing professionals.

How do I pay?

We accept all types of credit and debit card, and zelle.

How much does it cost to detail the exterior of a car in Suwanee Ga?

Cost for detailing the exterior can start at $40 and go up to $100 for a mobile service.

How much does it cost to shampoo car seats in Suwanee Ga?

That depends on the seats condition so the cost will vary between $30-$90.

How much does it cost to deep clean a car in Suwanee Ga?

On an average $75.

How long does a full car detail take?

2-6 hours.

How often should you get your car detailed?

At least one a month.

How do you get dried road paint off my car?

While you are driving, you may be going through construction zones, which is where many people pick up a lot of road tar. There are different ways to clean off road tar. You can use WD40 along with microfiber towel, citrol degreaser, or tar removal. Some stubborn road film/tar will require a clay bar in combination with a tar removal product.  

How to clean Mercedes leather seats?

You will need to be careful when cleaning your leather seats. Choosing the right tools and products is crucial for a safe and great result cleaning. Always use a trusted leather cleaning product, soft towels, and good quality leather brushes. 

How to clean mildew from car carpet?

Distilled vinegar is a great ingredient for cleaning mildew. Spray the affected area thoroughly, use a scrub brush to agitate the solution. Let the surface completely dry, once dry sprinkle some baking soda and vacuum after 15-20 minutes. 

How to eliminate odor in car?

Different odors require different ways to eliminate. We recently answered this question in our 7 Tips To Remove Foul Odors From Your Vehicle

How much to get my car detailed?

Car detailing packages cost vary between $40-$200 based on vehicle size, level of dirtiness, if you require shampooing, or paint wax.

How to clean a car?

Cleaning your car can be a fun project if you know what you are doing and if you have the right tools and products. We recently covered this topic in our Car Detailing Tips & How to Increase Your Trade-in or Resale Value.

Do you shampoo car seats with detailing?

Yes, carpet shampooing is included in our Full Interior Detail package.

Do you use harsh chemicals?

No. Most of our products are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Do you offer clay bar treatment and wax?

Yes, our platinum package includes clay bar treatment to remove any paint contaminants before applying the wax.

Is detailing your car worth it?

Absolutely, detailing car should be part of your routinely maintenance.

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Siu-Mei Man
Siu-Mei Man
They are punctual, detailed, and very responsive. Love supporting local and eco-friendly businesses. I have used them 3 times, and will continue to.
Wilber Rodriguez
Wilber Rodriguez
Hacen exelente trabajo los recomiendo
I used this mobile car wash for the first time, and they did a great job. The AquaGreen team came to my home on time, were professional, and made my car brand new again. The inside is so clean and smells good, and the outside is all shiny! Will definitely book this again.
Brittany Hunt
Brittany Hunt
This is service that you want and will keep coming back to get for your vehicle(s). Nick is professional and courteous. I am always pleased with the quality of his work, and I’ll continue to be a repeat customer. See you next time, Nick!
Kenneth Friedenberg
Kenneth Friedenberg
All top notch excellent work at reasonable prices. Good ingredients as well.
Nicolas Huynh
Nicolas Huynh
We didn’t expect much. But the services we got were extremely great. Reasonable price!!!! Highly recommend!
Allison Hofmann
Allison Hofmann
Great service!! Arrived right on time, very professional and did such a great job inside and out! Called to see if I wanted to check out the inside before they finished up to confirm all looked good. Wish I had before and after pictures to show what a fabulous job they did!! 10/10 recommend and will definitely be using them again in the future!
NA Nobody
NA Nobody
I really enjoyed my experience. I called for a specific need, not noted on their options and was asked to send pictures of my car (I loved this, no big surprises on either end) to get an accurate estimate. I was given a time, and estimate in writing. The detailer showed ON TIME, was professional, and stuck to the estimate!! My car was cleaned better then expected. He even did the seat belts, which I was not expecting. The solution smelled nice, was not heavy, and did not linger for days on end. My car just smells clean! I plan to use them again, hopefully not for the same reason, but they are now saved in my contacts for future detailing needs!

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