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What’s AquaGreen Wash?

AquaGreen Wash is an ultra-efficient, eco-friendly mobile car wash service/auto detailing. By using specialized biodegradable products, we expertly clean dirty painted surfaces while using a minimal amount of water.
Our method is designed to break down grime deposits and lubricate dirt particles. This allows our high-quality microfiber towels to restore that perfect shine to your car.
Using excess water ultimately causes rust and corrosion issues, not to mention the toxic contaminants that pollute our environment. On average, a conventional car wash uses 45 gallons of water per vehicle. The AquaGreen system uses less than 2 gallons.
Our passion for cars and the environment has led us to come up with the AquaGreen Wash solution.

How we do it?

  • We use high quality microfiber towels, which is key for a spotless wash
  • When possible, we wash in a shaded area to maximize the shine
  • Wipe & dry technique
  • We work one panel at a time

A great advantage for our clients is that we do not require access to your water or power supply. Our eco-friendly approach is ideal for apartment complex residents, office park employees, and fleet vehicles.
The days of waiting in line at the car wash are over: now we bring the car wash to you. Our premium, eco-friendly hand washing service will make your life much easier. Reclaim your time while your car reclaims its shine.
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